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We provide you with detailed, practical, theory-based lessons about Javascript and Python coding, computer science, fintech, and web development. Each lesson summarizes key vocabulary words and helps you make practical connections to industry tools.


Our courses are project based. This means we never just spoon-feed you some information that you have to memorize. Instead, you make real programs, like a stock trading application, a blog website, and financial analysis tools.

Try your code online.

ByteDev's state of the art online lessons and challenges let you write and run code directly in your broswer. You'll get instant responses and detailed feedback about the correctness of your code. We take away all the guess work and let you focus on learning.

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Byte Academy is the only online programming school to have a curriculum that's built by experts in both programming and education. They built a curriculum that's hard but accomplisable. You'll struggle, build, learn and succeed. You learn Python, Javascript, web development, and Fintech. And, you'll be prepared to get a job as a programmer, where average salaries are $80,000. Want to try it out?