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Learn Python, Javascript, Fintech, and web development.

Python is one of the hottest programming languages used in industry today. We'll teach you Python, web development, and Fintech, all with courses taught by industry experts.

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Learn by doing-not by memorizing.

Our project-based curriculum will make you build cool stuff. No one learns anything by memorizing and regurgitating. You'll gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time on real projects.

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Rigorous curriculum designed by experts.

Some of NYC's best, most experienced teachers helped design Byte Academy's curriculum. They collaborated with veteran, industry-proven programmers to build Byte Academy's proprietary online courses.

Challenging online courses that get you a job as a programmer.
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Byte Academy is the only online programming school to have a curriculum that's built by experts in both programming and education. They have built a curriculum that's hard but achievable. You'll struggle, build, learn and succeed. You'll learn Python, Javascript, web development, and Fintech. And, you'll be prepared to get a job as a programmer, where average salaries are $80,000. Want to try it out?

Online programming courses that lets you work on your schedule.
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